Weekend trip from Bangalore

by Arjun
Silver Oaks Resort Pool View from Canteen

Weekend trip from Bangalore? I am confused between where to go Coorg v/s Chikmanglur? Well, the second must also be beautiful. But I chose the first one due to the below-stated reasons.

Little brief about me, if you already don’t know me personally. I moved to this silicon valley of India, a couple of months back. I scrounged for places I could visit on the weekend which can fit in my following filters :

  • Budget Trip
  • Little more into nature
  • Fewer folks around
  • More like a raw kind of place, instead of one with modern facilities.
  • Affordable

So Coorg or Chikmanglur ?

I know all this sounds a bit old school. But this is how I wanted my very first south Indian trip to be. So, I started looking out for places, which fit these above-stated criteria. The list is concise as for a regular weekend you need the destination to be nearby. I would say in 200-300 km to enjoy more of the time enjoying the place and less on the journey. I came up with these two options:

Coorg or Chikmanglur ?

In Chikmanglur, I couldn’t find a place I described in the budget. Coorg is almost the same. But as someone has said, “There must be a way for everything.” I spend a little more time searching for something like that only.

You know what? That someone has said it right, I found this beautiful, heavenly resort right in between nature’s lap called Silver Oaks Resort, Gonikoppal. Gonikoppal is a town 50 km away from Coorg’s central town Madikeri. Now, let me share a little more about the budget, bookings, itinerary, etc. The only catch is there is limited network connectivity (Airtel and BSNL) only. Wifi comes around reception only.

Wondering, What will you do at Silver Oaks being so old school?

What can you do at Silver Oaks :

Well, that’s a tricky question, it all depends on what kind of person you are. But this place has a lot of options, but all of them are a little old school away from modern amenities.

  • A great swimming pool in the centre of this nature’s abode.
  • Feed Ducks, which will eventually welcome you in your balcony.
  • Play Carom Board.
  • Play Snooker.
  • Play Table Tenis
  • Feed little sharks in the aquarium.

Nevertheless, its the place you can spend quality time without even these things.

Gem of SIlver Oaks

With Mr Anant at SIlver Oaks Resort

Well, there trip advisor reviews say it all, but I didn’t come across this famous guy Bob :). But instead came across this super quiet, calm, informative and helpful gem of a person there called Mr Anant. He is the one stop guys for all the needs related to travel, food, etc. For more info,  find his picture below. We met a lot of people when we travel, but some, you can’t resist yourself from bookmarking them in your memories. Mr Anant is one such resourceful man. Kudos, Great going sir !!

  1.  Mr Anant can guide you with facilities inside the resort.
  2. He can guide you with a taxi tour, not interested. No worries, he will guide you on how to travel by bus around. How much to pay them, what time you can get.
  3. He will always be at your service, you need info, food, or use his phone.
  4. You want an auto from the resort itself; he will call one for you at no extra cost.

Come on, think of it. You won’t find anyone like this for free these days. But this guy is doing much more than just his job.

Quick facts about this trip to Silver Oaks, Coorg

Where did I book Silver Oaks?
I found this gem from TripAdvisor, which redirected me to MakeMyTrip.com.

How much did I pay?
I booked it for INR2650 for night

How long before did I book?
A week before the trip

How to reach Silver Oaks Resort?
I booked with KSRTC(Govt operated) Volvo, as they are the most comfortable option in the budget. You need to catch a bus to the nearest bus stop known as Gonikoppal or Gonikoppa or Gonikoppalu. It’s a 5-6 hours journey. From there you can take an auto/tuk-tuk/three-wheeler. It will charge you somewhere around INR 150. Its a 15-18 mins ride.

What can you eat there?
Breakfast complimentary. In a home-cooked kitchen lunch and dinner is cooked. You tell Mr Anant what you want to have; the cook will prepare it for you(I tried Egg Curry, they nailed it). No such menu I have seen, But I ordered a plate of onion pakoras out of nowhere, but they were excellent as well.

Complimentary breakfast is simple, local, but enjoyable with even lesser options.

What kind of trip is this?
A Relaxation trip within budget

How long is my trip?
3 Days, Starting from Bangalore Friday early morning and reaching back Sunday evening around 5 PM.

How to travel to Coorg? (if you have time and wish to explore more of Coorg)
The resort can arrange a day taxi tour for somewhere around INR 2200- INR 2600. This tour will include some 5-10 tourist spot. I found a weekend very less for exploring Coorg, So I dint preferred to spend a day hopping from one crowded tourist spot to another. Though I wanted to have a taste of it. I preferred to go and have a taste of it, buy some homemade filled chocolates and visit a couple of places(Like Raja seat). I opted for a bus ride/auto ride back Gonnikopal Bus stop, and a bus to Madikeri from there taking around 1.5hours on one side journey.

Detailed expenditure

  1. A cab to Shanthi Nagar Bus Stop INR 100. (Uber)
  2. KSRTC Volvo known as Airavat ( INR 500 Per head) From Bangalore to Gonikoppal, beginning from Shanthi Nagar bus stand. http://www.ksrtc.in/oprs-web/
  3. Three wheeler auto from Gonikoppal to Silver Oaks: INR 150.
  4. Food: INR 700-800 for two days stay with three meals and a snack.
    (INR 100 for evening snacks, INR 100 for the main course gravy, INR 10 for Phulka. INR150-200 for two persons lunch or dinner.)
  5. Ride back to Gonikoppal by bus for visiting Madikeri: INR 18 per head.
  6. Travel to Madikeri by local bus: INR 50 per head.
  7. Going back to Gonikoppal by local bus: INR 50 per head
  8. Cottage Rent: INR 2650. (If you stay two in a room than, its 1325 per head per day. You need to book it for two nights for a weekend, Friday and Saturday).
  9. KSRTC Volvo known as Airavat ( INR 500 Per head) From Gonikoppalu to Bangalore, ending at Shanthi Nagar bus stand. http://www.ksrtc.in/oprs-web/. Starting from there around 11:35 AM and reaches Bangalore at around 05:00 PM

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