South Germany : Heavenly, but not so famous landscape !

by Arjun
Sameer Pahuja on a bike in villingen-schwenningen black forest

A European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and the North Sea beaches. So, Germany has its fair share of tourist footfall every year. But there are some parts of the country like South Germany which are a lot more beautiful, calm, serene that Will take you to a fairy tale kinda landscapes. Lush green surroundings, black forest beside your house.In the morning if you will sleep with your windows open, the soothing sound of the river flowing between the black forest and your place will leave you mesmerized. So go out and travel South Germany.

We take photos as a return ticket to the moment otherwise gone


I am lucky to be in south Germany, as I have one of my sisters settled in South Germany. It’s more like a small city. For sure, it will be a total countryside experience full of greenery. Small bars, cafes, shops. The place I went to experience the countryside, pictures you will see below belong to a city called villingen-schwenningen in south Germany. Some tips I would really love to share with anyone to make most out of their Germany trip is that:

  1. One must visit countryside in South Germany:

    As what I personally feel is most of the metro cities are almost all same. Advanced, paced lifestyle, busy streets, busy markets, few souvenir shops and that is it. Countryside has a lot to offer. Clean and small cities, small roads, lesser vehicles, small establishments.

    Even a simple wheat beer tastes awesome in black forest walk (South germany)

    Even a simple wheat beer tastes so good when you enjoy in such a surrounding.

    Villingen-Schwenningen(South Germany)

    Serene shot in south germany, they can be found in abundance.

    Sunset in Villingen-Schwenningen(South Germany)

    Sunset view in villingen-schwenningen

    Villingen-Schwenningen Street shot (South Germany)

    Just a normal but so scenic street in villingen-schwenningen next to a black forest.

  2. Get on a bike and get lost in a black forest in South Germany

    I am lucky that I already had a bike here at my sister’s place for me. So, what you can do is just get a bike and simply get lost in this area. Get inside the black forest with your bike, a beer, and a snack to munch on. I can personally assure that this time would be memorable. Whenever you will see your pictures later in your life, it will take you into these mesmerizing dense woods, a lot closer to nature, with the fairy tales kind of landscape.

    villingen-schwenningen black forest(Villingen-Schwenningen, South Germany)

    villingen-schwenningen black forest(Villingen-Schwenningen, South Germany)

  3. Try “hefeweizen” at local German bar

    So this highlighted word “hefeweizen”, it’s nothing out of the world. But the German translation of wheat beer. Go to a local bar, don’t worry they aren’t expensive. But the experience there would be priceless, have a mug or two of hefeweizen from barrels.

  4. Island hopping from Lake Konstanz

    You can go to lake Konstanz and select from the number of islands. You can select the island you want to go to, they are uniquely beautiful islands. You can buy a two-way ticket, for which they will drop you there for sometime and after that, another boat will pick you up for lake Konstanz. You can either take your bikes along or go on your own. Just explore the island walking, buy something from decorated markets, or can just have a piece of cake or pie or a beer from somewhere around the island.

    Konstanz Lake, South Germany

    Another landscape Konstanz Lake, South Germany

    Beautiful couple adoring the lake's beauty, South Germany

    Picture perfect couple with a landscape background

    sail boat in Konstanz lake, South Germany

    Sail boats around our catmaran, In Konstanz Lake

Find your stay in this beautiful part of country called Villingen, South Germany

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