Valldemossa, most prettiest of Mallorcan Villages

by Arjun

Valldemossa – I assessed it as the prettiest village in Mallorca. I will share some of my captures from this village below in this post. For you to witness why I named it as prettiest. Moreover, this blog is more of a picture story, less of words and more of pictures.

How I reached Valldemossa.

We booked a bus for from Palma to Valdemossa for 300 INR(4 Euros). You can have a look at fare and route for this bus here. It starts from a bus station in Palma, bus number 210. The journey was comfortable, small mountains on the way but all scenic. On reaching there just take a walk around the village, believe me, it is totally worth it offering such serene views all around.

What we had in Valldemossa

I must say the food herein Valldemossa is a bit expensive than rest of Mallorca. But you can always have a snack with a beer to avoid that being heavy on your pocket. I loved where we had it, you can give it a try. I had my lunch with a drink at this small beautiful restaurant called Sa Foganya(a picture enclosed below)

Beer in Valldemossa

Having a beer at a bar in Valldemossa

Arjun virmani with Prateek Bhatia,

One of many pictures we clicked around this place. This place is completely photogenic

A little cafe in Valldemossa, where we had our sandwich and a beer in Valldemossa, Mallorca

A little cafe in Valldemossa, where we had our sandwich and a beer.

As I told you earlier that there are a lot of benefits to choose Mallorca over Ibiza, as it has a lot to offer. So, here Valldemossa is one of the biggest reasons for the same. Valldemossa is one of the old, antique villages of Mallorca. One can easily reach here using a bus from Palma.I won’t say much about this place in words. But let the images below to do so. You can hike a bit if you have a couple of days for Valldemossa in your itinerary, I really wanted to the same but due to lack of time I am not able to do so.

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