Mallorca, An elite Mediterranean beauty

by Arjun

Why choose this Mediterranean heaven called Mallorca over Ibiza?

For those who don’t know me, these blogs are from one of my initial international trips. I am a person who likes to travel in the budget. I have chosen Mallorca over Ibiza, soon I will share why !!
But firstly, have a brief about my priorities when I travel :

  1. To try new cuisines.
  2. To travel to new places, non-monumental, less of architecture, more of nature.
  3. Not much into covering all the famous places.
  4. Budget traveller.
  5. Party lover, but not a party animal. So once a week is good for the party.
  6. Love to see people around, but prefer to stay away from overcrowded places.

The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure into unknown lands.

Sir Richard Burton

Ibiza is basically a clubber’s paradise. It has a laid-back culture, hippy lifestyle, beaches, parties, crafts market. Though it is very expensive in season, for party animals it is worth it every penny.

Mallorca, on the other hand, is a lot bigger than Ibiza. Palma the capital is a lot more like any other cosmopolitan city. But with all the pros of a city, it has a beautiful, coastline with a lot more to see. Elegant beach clubs, less crowded beaches, affordable accommodation, some very beautiful Spanish villages like Valldemossa.

So here are the main reasons for why I have chosen Mallorca over Ibiza.

  1. Relatively cheaper: As I already told you in the very beginning that I am a budget traveller, I want to travel decently. Moreover, I want my budget to be evenly distributed among the location I am going to visit throughout. Not like one place bloating my budget and leaving me with no other option then compromise in the rest of my trip being low on budget. 
    With expensive you must be wondering, I am saying Ibiza is expensive, in what sense actually. Well, I mean it in every sense right from stay to food to parties. An average room with decent amenities will cost you from 70-100$. Here, An average traveller doesn’t need to worry much about the cost of beer, food or stay as compared to Ibiza, that would actually leave a dent in the budget of an average traveller. I am not just saying it by assumption. You can check various daily expenses from this comparison.
  2. Natural beauty in abundance: So, Beaches in Palma are not that crowded, beautiful, not so expensive beach bars. These ones are actually apt for people who don’t want to spend quite some time in searching for vacant shacks before enjoying. Just look around your stay, you will easily find some nice and calm beaches. The city is full of the cathedral and architectural beauties as well. But as I said, I don’t like such places a lot.

    Street in front of our place in Mallorca

    Street in front of our place in Palma. What else could you wish for in front of our stay.

    Sunny mornings in Mallorca

    Another closer shot of the street above.

    IlletasBeach, Palma, Mallorca, Spain

    Clean and small beaches with less number of people, water, inexpensive beach bars. Illetas Beach

    Illetas beach, Mallorca

    Another shot of Illetas beach from the top.

    CoastLine, Palma De Mallorca

    Beach in front of our stay, across the road shown above.

    City wal with our couchsurfer host in mallorca

    A shot from the city walks with our Couchsurfer host.

    Beach bar at Illetas beach, Mallorca

    Beach bar at Illetas beach. With much of the nature seating arrangement, wooden planks. This setup is totally ecstatic, this is the main reason I believe that at this place you always have to wait.


  3. Really old ‘Vintage’ bars: I went to one such bar called Bodega Bellver. Let me tell you honestly that was “SOME” experience. Believe me, this blog is not advertising this bar at all but its just a personal experience. That 100-year-old bar. Our Couchsurfing host took us to that place. In case you don’t know what that is, just visit this blog. You can actually feel the vibe in there, seeing those barrels that how amazing it must be when people fill in their glasses from 3ft barrels. Food was also nice, some beef sandwich in a local bread.

    Vintage Bar 100 year old Palma de Mallorca

    Vintage Bar 100 year old Palma De Mallorca

    This bar belongs to a friend of our host in this city. It is almost a 100 year old bar.

    100 Year old bar in Palma De Mallorca

    As shown in picture below estd 1920.

    City walk in Mallorca Market

  4. More places of interest: As you must be knowing Mallorca is relatively bigger with diverse options to enjoy, not just partying throughout your stay. There are several impressive cathedrals in Palma. It is a huge cathedral built on the site of a former mosque. The building of this cathedral lasted for 400 years. The cathedral has continued to have additional work undertaken with the architect Antoni Gaudi.
  5. Serene Beach clubs: I mean the beach clubs I have seen in Mallorca are way apart from the crowd, loud music, super expensive food. It is just calm surroundings with a small beautiful harbour on one side and red small hills on other. Sunsets are such a blessing for one to see. Wine + Views + Sunset +  Great company + light music, I mean what else could one ask for to call an evening “Perfect”. The featured picture of this blog is from one such beach club.
    Sunset at Mallorca Beach Club

    Sunset at Mallorca Beach Club, messmerizing !

    Palma Beach Club, Mallorca

    Some other shots from Mallorcan, Beach Club.

    Evening with couchsurfer at beach club palma de Mallorca

    An evening well spent with fellow couchsurfer at a beach club.


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