Hue to Hoi An: A road trip to remember

by Arjun
Bike Ride Vietnam
What made me take this road trip from Hue to Hoi An

Frankly speaking, I didn’t find much to do in Hue. Therefore, I summed up my stay in Hue just in a day and a half. It’s more like a commercial city. Only thing I liked about this city is that at this point in my trip, my taste buds starting craving for Indian food because no matter how spicy we tell them to make Thai or Vietnamese food, it can’t match the level of spices and chilli in Indian food. To my surprise, I found a couple of good Indian restaurant in Hue.  This is one of them

Though all of these Indian restaurants are not exactly by Indians, some of them  Nepali’s, Pakistani’s or even Bangladeshi’s. But we finally landed onto one next to our hotel at some 200-400mt and yes I can say that it is good. Food was like Yess,  I want to visit it again. But most of them serve decent Indian food.

So, we planned to move to the next city that is Hoi An. Hoi An is a well preserved ancient town, also known as the city of lanterns. I would say I liked this simple yet beautiful Hoi An. But more than Hoi An, we are excited about our road trip from Hue to Hoi An. When I reached back to our Airbnb after a city tour, we had a chat about our plan ahead and thereafter, my  Airbnb host offered a bike for around 4,00,000 VND for one way trip to Hoi An. We need to leave the bike at our destination hotel in Hoi An and the bike guy from Hue(Our Airbnb Host) will pick the bike from there and not only that but also deliver our bag to our hotel in Hoi An. So, just for 4Lac VND, we got a bike, different city drop, luggage transfer, enchanting sceneries. I mean what else could one ask for.


Sunset skyline in Hue


We started with a sunny day but got to see little showers in between. So, I would say do carry disposable raincoats along with you to stay dry. As such short showers will be frequent, at least in the month of August. We planned for a handful of places to stop in between. But we skipped a couple of them due to lack of daytime as well as we were tired after a  150 km bike ride. So the first place we stopped at is Elephant springs.

Elephant springs

  • Entry for this spring is more like into a jungle, don’t miss the fresh guava sold near ticket counter. They are fresh and sweet.
  • These falls are like they are flowing down in between and people have made kind of wooden seating along both the sides of it. Just grab a place to sit, relax, listen to some soothing music. One can even take a bath, dive or swim a bit in the same.
  • We had a good time there along with a Vietnamese origin soon to be a doctor and some kids.
  • A couple of hours there and you would not even realize how time passes.

    Elephant Springs near Hue

    Elephant Springs

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van pass is the second stop on our list, where we keep on stopping after every couple of minutes because we can’t resist ourselves by clicking pictures of such a beautiful landscape. I mean such a picturesque view you can’t avoid capturing.

  • It is one of the highest passes and most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam, located alongside the Hai Van mountain, before Da Nang.
  • You can see the city, coastline from the top. Views are simply just enchanting with a cool breeze.
  • Mostly all of the journeys will be along coastline after the elephant springs.
    Hai Van pass, Hue to Hoi An road trip

    Hai Van pass, Hue to Hoi An road trip

    DaNang Aerial Landscape, from Hue to Hoi An road trip

    A view of Da Nang city from the top. From Hai Van Pass

    Bike ride in Vietnam from Hue to Hoi An

    A scenic landscape from Hue to Hoi An

You can also cover a couple of things we missed, that is:

  1. Marble mountains – Cluster of fairyland like marble and limestone mountains, located in the south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. Try to google it, you will see it’s one of the most scenic stops for people travelling on this Hue to Hoi An route.
  2. Lang Co Beach: Lang Co beach is one of another wonder, which is surrounded by three different UNESCO world heritage site from three sides. Though we haven’t stopped there, just saw this landscape from the high hillside road.

In Hoi An, we stayed at the hotel shared below. It is highly affordable(1500INR), with services above expectation. Moreover, the free bike they offer will really help you in exploring the city. We explored the city using the same mostly.

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