About me

by Arjun

Arjun Virmani – A storyteller, a traveller, writer, digital freelancer, software engineer.

I believe that a person needs to step out from their well, their comfort zone to see what all our life has to offer. Believe me, whatsoever circumstances you are in, travelling can fill your life with little joys

I can not afford to travel much in initial years when I have time(as a student). Now, when I can think of spending on travelling I am actually glued beside a desk in a corporate. But never late then never, I decided to travel and see the world no matter how. Long weekends or utilising leaves once a year for a couple of weeks vacation.

There were times in life when everything around seems colourless, that is when I started travelling and not to my surprise that changed me, my perspective towards life, surroundings, etc. I found peace and happiness meeting new people and to be at new places. I and been to just 5 countries and as of now have got more and more interested in seeing my country after travelling i realised, that India has a lot to offer actually.

I just love to share my travel stories both good and bad, so that people should stay cautious and not have to face similar experiences. So, I have started writing this blog which was born in mid-2017 as a part of my recent South Asia trip as a board to share my travel experiences.